Open Digital Day

Last Thursday we spoke at the Open Digital Day about The Empathy Project at the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI) at Madrid University.

This was an excellent opportunity to rehearse for the Birmingham IRX presentation.

The presentation was streamed live on the internet, where Fernando de Pablo illustrated the event, tweeting his drawings:


The thing that caught the imagination most was probably the various applications of the technology (The ceasefire announcement from ETA, regional elections in Galicia) and how this can be adapted to e-commerce. Being able to anticipate customer demand is being able to increase sales.

I shared five applications we are currently working on:

  1. The ability to rank results according to notoriety on social media
  2. The ability for social media notoriety to drive specific promotions or isolate the hottest items and showcase them on the front page
  3. The ability to detect common errors, for example if many people type “Ken Folet” not “Ken Follet”, this can be captured and a synonym created
  4. The ability to detect unusual combinations, such as Kate + Moss + Mango and ensure traffic searching those terms finds the right product
  5. The ability to push advertising and social media engagement focussed on the hottest items

Many thanks to all those who attended and watched via streaming. It was a great experience.

You can see more photos and drawings on our Flickr channel

You can watch it online here.

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